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Temp Pager



Manual for Use of Temp Pager


The following is a summary, written in simple English, of how to install the pieces of the Temp Pager and how to use the unit.  If any equipment does not operate as described, contact All Dogs Corporation for clarification at or at (512) 376-0003.


Plugging In

The unit is designed to work from 120 volts AC, 12 volts DC, and battery module.  Do not use substitute power supplies as they may damage the unit.  Find a place maybe 2-3 feet above the floor to place the unit.  Do not put it against metal walls or doors; this will reduce the effective range of the unit. 

Simply plug the unit in to the appropriate power source and flip the top switch of the unit to turn it on.  In a moment, the LED display comes on with the current temperature reading.  For first time use, you need to set the trigger temperature.  To do this, use a wooden toothpick and insert it pushing the switch just below the display.  This ‘hidden switch’ is hidden inside the unit to avoid accidentally changing the temperature.  Press this switch 4 times to get to the high temperature setting and the LED’s will display LHI.  Press the LOCAL or REMOTE switches to increase or decrease the trigger temperature.  When done, press the hidden switch 9 more times to return to ‘normal’ mode.  If you get confused, just turn off the whole unit and turn it back on to restart the programming.  Note, do not change any of the other settings in the unit.

Note that the unit can be programmed for different temperatures whenever you’d like to change it.  The unit will remember its settings forever when powered off, but it is wise to verify the setting each time when used.

To check the current settings press the hidden switch 4 times.  Then press the Local or Remote button.  This will display the current settings.  To return to normal mode press the hidden switch 9 more times or just turn off then on the unit.

Turn on the pager.  Do this by pressing and holding for a moment the red button on the pager.  It should beep at you and within a minute the antenna signal on the top left corner will come on to indicate that the master unit has been powered on and is transmitting properly.  If the pager goes out of range or if the control unit looses power then the antenna signal will turn off and the unit will beep at you to indicate out-of-range.  If the high temperature trigger occurs, the unit will vibrate or beep and the hood symbol will flash.  It is easy to remember this symbol because the engine under the hood is what usually overheats.

The unit has a second switch down lower.  In honor of my wonderful wife who needs to find me when I wander, it has been named the “Honey get over here NOW!” switch.  When turned on, the trunk symbol on the pagers will start flashing and the unit will beep or vibrate.  It is easy to remember this symbol because if I do not get back to my wife I will end up in a trunk somewhere!


Understandable Instructions on how to use the pager

The pager functions are described in the manual but are difficult to understand as I believe they were written in China.  The pagers have already been programmed to respond only to your control unit but the manual shows how to reprogram them if necessary (see above section).  To turn on the pager, press the red button and hold it for a second.  In a few seconds it will communicate with the control unit and show that it is in range.  This is shown by the tower/antenna in the top left corner.  You can program the pager to signal you when it is out of range or not to signal you.  Also it can be switched between vibrate and melody.  Finally, it has clock, alarm, and low battery features.  To turn off the pager press the red button and you will see the OFF icon flashing so just push the white button once.  When off, the pager shows the OFF icon.  This may seem odd but it is how it works.

 I will describe “normal mode” as the mode it is in when you turn it on.  If it gets into an odd mode, wait a few seconds and it will automatically go back to normal mode.  The table below shows you how many times to press the red button for the various modes.  Think of the red button as the “walk through options” button, and the white button as the “select this one” button.

Number of times to press Red Button

Results, after pressing White Button

1 (hold for more than 1 second to turn ON pager) (no extra press needed)
1 Turn OFF pager
2 Choose SOUND alert
3 Choose VIBRATE alert
4 Change TIME
5 Change ALARM
6 Disable/enable OUT-OF-RANGE alert
7 Back to Normal Mode


To put the table above in words, read this paragraph.  From normal mode, press the red button twice then the white button to put it in sound mode.  From normal mode, press the red button three times then the white button to put it in vibrate mode.  To change the time, press the red button 4 times then the white button.  Finally, to set the time alarm, press the red button 5 times then the white button.  To toggle the out-of-range alert, press the red button 6 times then the white button.  Once you understand how to use the pager, the manual for it is understandable!

 If for some reason the pager loses its “programming” and does not communicate with the controller, this is the procedure to re-program it.  Turn off the control unit and the pager.  Remove the battery from the pager.  Power on the control unit and quickly install the battery in the pager.  Press the white button on the pager and hold it for 2-3 seconds until it gives you a long beep.  Release the white button and quickly press and release it 4 times.  The time display will go to all zero’s to indicate that it is in reprogram mode.  Within 30 seconds the pager should chime a little ‘congratulations’ song to indicate that it has been programmed properly.  If it does not reprogram, try again.

The unit comes with a 1 year warranty.  If there are problems outside the warranty period or if the unit is damaged in a way outside normal use, contact me and I may be able to repair it for a reasonable cost.  Additional pagers and accessories are available.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the unit please contact us in advance so that you do not end up on a television show such as “I Did What?”.  Use common sense to protect yourself and your animals as no system is flawless.  Test this unit regularly by lowering the set temperature and verifying that the pager works properly.

 Manual Revision 1.01  April 7, 2006

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