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Our company is exclusively dedicated to doing custom van conversions for Dog Show Enthusiasts.  We don't do horse conversions, we don't do RV conversions, and we don't do plumber's conversions!  All we do is dog conversions.  If you are tired of other conversion companies that don't understand your needs, don't have a good reputation for quality work, or charge 2 arms and a leg for their conversions, breathe a sigh of relief!  You have finally found the right place!

Our Mission

Our mission is to build fully-custom dog show van conversions with an emphasis on durability, functionality, quality, ease-of-use, and affordability with service and support actually at many of the dog shows in the Texas region.



Due to overwhelming demand, we have taken the temperature pager system from the vans and made it into a portable, NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED, simple unit.  You can use it in your van, move it to your dog room, put it in your RV, or use it in your friend's van for those shared trips.  No need to 'wire it in', and you won't use a whole cabinet to store it.  It's lightweight, small, and brings you peace of mind.  Read more about it here.

Company Profile

All Dogs Corporation was started in 2003 after decades of frustration in that no reputable companies existed that really provided custom, affordable, and quality conversions for dog show enthusiasts.  ADC is a small family business located in Central Texas.

A problem each and every customer has told us is that nobody understands their needs!  They go to one conversion shop and mention their tack box only to hear "you go fishing at the dog shows?"  They say they want to be able to run the roof A/C and dryer off the generator, and another converter asks "you do laundry in the van?"  They tell yet another conversion shop that they want to be able to sit back and relax before Groups, only to hear "Groups of what?"  STOP the insanity!  We know that kennelaire is not doggy-breath, that a 'Special' is not something you look for on a menu, and that winning reserve to a five point major is no fun at all!

But most of all, what we offer is peace of mind.  Note that every conversion van ever done has had problems sooner or later.  What we offer is not only a high degree of quality up front, but when things do fail, give us a ring & we'll likely be at a show soon where we can fix it.  We don't make a sale and run, we support our customers long after the sale is done.

In Texas, just ask around about us.  Not only do we support our customers, we are fixing the problems that other conversion companies can't seem to do right in the first place.  Our focus is on satisfied customers.

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